Spotlight: Janea Robinson

How is God working in my life right now?

Right now I am walking in God given time. What do I mean by that? Two years ago I went to the ER with appendicitis. We figured this would be a simple fix, but my doctor looked beyond my obvious problem and saw a tumor on the head of my pancreas. For a doctor to look beyond the obvious problem and see a tumor on my pancreas gives me chills every time, that was absolutely Spirit led. I am forever grateful. He performed the appendectomy and I was back on my feet in no time.
At the follow up appointment, Dr. Holloway told me that we would need to monitor my tumor but not to worry. However, just to be safe he was sending me for a biopsy. We met with Dr. Nawaz and he scheduled the biopsy.
The Biopsy of the tumor was not so simple. There was a huge vain that prevented him from getting a sample, but he felt confident it was not cancer.  Six months go by and we have another CAT scan to check on the tumor. It had shrunk, but I had a new tumor on the tail of my pancreas. It was not there before and it was growing. This was so scary at first.  My grandfather passed of pancreatic cancer, and my aunt has suffered a really long time with pancreatic cancer. I kept thinking Lord, I know You have plans for me, but I did not know they included this!
Dr. Nawaz did a biopsy of this new fast-growing tumor. Our worst fear was confirmed…… was CANCER. Dr. Nawaz sent me back to Dr. Holloway to schedule surgery. Dr. Holloway removed the tail of my pancreas and my spleen. The surgery went well. It was a hard thing to recover from, but so worth it.
The night before my surgery, my family rallied around us. Pastor Matt came and prayed over us, and I just had peace. Isaiah 43:2 says, “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” We were walking through fire, but I knew who carried us. Ya’ll, God is so good and faithful!
The next step after surgery was genetic testing. We then found out that I have a mutation in my genes called VHL. It makes me very prone to tumors and illness. But God.
We then prayerfully made the decision to seek after treatment at MD Anderson. God opened doors and we got accepted into the cancer treatment center.
We traveled to Houston in September of 2022, and received all the tests for the base line. We went back in December of 2022 and I had a PET Scan done. It was all clear… evidence of cancer!!
Through all the steps of cancer, John and I fully relied on God’s strength for our kiddos, our marriage, and sometimes just getting up in the morning. We could not look at each other without tears just falling. Cancer is scary. Pancreatic cancer is rarely detected early, and we were unsure of everything but our faith in God. Our motto was: Come what may, but always let it be for the Glory of the Lord. Not my Glory, But God’s glory. If I were to succumb to this, I just wanted people to know that God is good, and He carried me through all the way home.  (Note – let’s work on this one together.)
Right now I am walking on God’s time. I say that because He has a plan for me. He carried me through and I am here to love others big, help hurting marriages, and serve my church all for the Glory of the Lord.

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