Loft Kids Team

Proverbs 22:6

We are looking for volunteers who are excited and energetic; people who have a passion to develop and train up every child in the way of the Lord.


  • Volunteers should have a personal relationship with Christ and spend time with God, both in the Word and in prayer.
  • Serve where God has called you to serve. God has given each one of us a set of unique gifts. What are your gifts and where will they be most effectively used?
  • Treat every child with the unconditional love of Christ.
  • Create a safe and orderly environment for the children.
  • Children are so precious to God! It is our goal and duty to keep them safe physically and spiritually while they are with us. We achieve this by being on time and prepared for each week we work.
  • Serve in unity with other volunteers. We realize that there are all kinds of denominational differences, but we all need to come together under the umbrella of salvation through Jesus.
  • Pray fervently for ourselves, the children, and each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Sound like the ministry for you? Follow the link below to our connect card and we'll be in touch!